Freddy has approved a short statement,

for cat friends, to explain the situation we face after recent events . Freddy wants all his followers to know that despite these challenges, here in Lanzarote, Freddy and his volunteers are still taking care of our cats and their stations, rescuing and treating sick, injured or abandoned cats and carrying out our TNR projects. Please read the statement which is available in English, German and Spanish for download as PDF.

The cats and Freddy needs your help now more than ever.

Please give this statement a loud  MIAOW MIAOW



Freddy finally signed a contract for a massive 9000 square meter property that is going to be the CAT PARADISE Lounge for the Cats and Catfriends!

This was only possible due to your donations!!!


Come over grab a cup of coffee and have a chat with Freddy! Thanks to all the support from Catfriends all over the world! YOU MADE THIS POSSIBLE!
Stay exited and curious. We will update you with even more news about this huge project.
Helping hands are welcome. We have to move our temporary shelter to the new final shelter.
But we still have some bills to pay so please stay generous!
Just fill in that form, scroll down or use the Paw Icon in the right corner to jump to the Bank details.
Paypal is now also ready to use as you catfriends requested.
The Cats from Playa Blanca and Freddy

Interesting Things

Meet Freddy

Freddy holds a weekly get-together at Café Terraza near the Marina every Tuesday from 16:30 until 18:00 and is always pleased to welcome new visitors. You can ask questions, buy FCH merchandise and book Cat Walks. If you can offer any help, Freddy and the cats will always be grateful.

Our Work

Freddy’s Cat House takes on numerous tasks to help stray cats in Playa Blanca, these include: Feeding & Watering, Neutering, Re-Homing, and Building Cat Shelters If any cats need medical help we take them to the vet for treatment. As time goes by, we are increasingly in a position to help more and more animals that are in distress, mainly thanks to a growing community of supporters and volunteers. We’d like to say a big THANK YOU ☺ to all our supporters who have made this possible!

Adopt a cat

Many people fall in love with a cat (or cats) and want to take them home… Freddy can arrange this and has done so for many cat lovers over the years. Our furry friends have found new homes all over the world in places like Germany, UK, France, Italy, USA and many more. Talk to us about how to adopt a cat and we can arrange the necessary paperwork and transport back to your home.

How to help!

Every help is appreciated.
Look how you could get more out of your holidays
What greater gift than the love of a cat.
Charles Dickens





really huge will happen. And you could be part of it!

Sponsor a Cat

Here are some numbers from the year so far …

Kilogram food for the cats
Euro for medical support and neutering
cats that we trapped, neutered and released
cathouses around playa blanca

Where your money went

Veterinarian Costs:
Cat Food:
Car (Repair, Fuel):
Temporary Shelter:
Material for Food Houses:

Some of our busy bees at work

Freddy Leon

Founder and Main Tin opener

Founder of ASOC Freddys Cathouse
Craziest Cat Man alive
Red Back-Pack on his route along Playa Blanca
Beside the red Back-Pack he follows a red line for 10 years
Drives an orange car
Best storyteller ever


Social Media Editor

Shelter volunteer
cat addicted / totally
six of them
from all over the world


Social Media Editor

Social Media Editor
Tin opener for 5 cats in germany
Crazy Cat Lady
Vet assistant
Hobby Photographer


Just the Tech Guy

Head of creativity/technology/development
found THE love of his life with the help of his three cats
Tech Guy with 30 years of experience
educated CG Artist and Design in Film and NT
App Developer and 3D Artist