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About Freddy

Freddy moved to his dream island Lanzarote in 1994.

At that time, a lady used to feed the cats on the beach. Due to health reasons, she had to leave the island. Before leaving, she asked Freddy if he could take care of those cats. This is how Freddys Cathouse  started.

Today, Freddy and his volunteers look after 40 feeding stations and more than 250 street cats; the number keeps fluctuating. Day after day, they bring food and fresh water to these cats so they can survive. Each feeding station requires bowls to be cleaned or replaced. On a regular basis, destroyed feeding stations need to be re-built.

Tourists often call Freddy to rescue kittens from garbage bins or to pick up sick or injured cats. So Freddy  takes them to Dreamland for Cats. Once recovered, these cats can be adopted.

Freddy is known for his love and total dedication to cats. If you meet Freddy, he will share with you his passion. He will tell you about his work and share happy, but also sad stories.

Many cats you find along the beach are trusting and always happy to get some attention, strokes and food. Please do not leave wet food during the daytime at the feeding stations. It perishes very quickly in the heat.

To cover the cost of these 40  feeding stations and to settle vets’ bills,  Freddy sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, bags  and key-holders made by creative cat friends. All the revenue goes to the association Freddys Cathouse.

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Freddy Leon