Adopting a cat

You fell in love with one of the cats and you want to give him a home?
Check our cat stories to share the experience of those who have already done so.
The procedure to get a Spanish EU pet passport for the cat to follow you home will take about 3 weeks.
Beware, conditions to bring a cat back to an EU country differ whether you fly back to the UK or elsewhere in Europe.
You will find the checklist of what to do below.

Taking a Cat Back to Mainland Europe

This is the list of what the cat needs to leave Lanzarote and join you on a flight as pet in cabin:
Vaccination, Chipping and European Passport
You will need to bring the cat to the vet for all the formalities above. Costs involved are about 130 Euros.
Flight Ticket
To give you an idea of the costs involved, a flight ticket on Sun Express back to Germany is 75 Euros (2017) if the cat is in the hold. With Condor its 110 Euros. Please check the webpage of the airlines to have always the updates of the costs.
Travel Bag
Costs depend on the size but it will be around 30 – 60 Euros.

Taking a Cat Back to UK

If you can arrange for the cat to fly back to mainland Europe, you can pick it up from there and bring him back to the UK with no further formalities.Just follow the procedure described above in the section called Taking a Cat to Mainland Europe.
Flying a cat directly back to the UK is very expensive. But we can also help you.
Get a quote from Woodside cargo. They speak English and are very helpful.