Our Work

TNR / Neutering

We spend a large share of the donated money on the Neutering Program but, unfortunately the neutering costs are very high per operation and completing the program is currently well beyond our means simply because of all the cats that need to be spayed or snipped.

If you are a vet or student vet and if you are willing to help us for 4 hours a day, we can provide you with comfortable accommodation for the duration of your stay on the island!
Please get in touch with us, we need all the help we can get.

We ‘d like to say a special Thank You to Lars (Veterinary Surgeon), Ian, and his friend Mike who have helped and continue to help us with the program.

Look out for cats with a little “nick” in the tip of one ear, this shows they have been neutered!

You simply see a cat which has been neutered!

Cat Shelters

Rick kindly builds our colourful shelters which keep the food dry and offer the cats a place to rest and shelter from the sun, wind and winter showers/cooler nights in January & Feb.

Unfortunately, some of our shelters are damaged or destroyed completely, sometimes within a few hours of being built and sited. However, we do not let this affect us and we hope that over time more people will come to understand that these lovely animals deserve love and respect and need looking after too.

With your help, the situation will continue to improve as we find more ways to help the homeless cats without causing problems for local residents.

Communication is the answer! Please, if you are disturbed by one of our stations or by a local cat or cats, please get in touch we will only be too happy to help out as much as we can.

People can also help by reporting any vandalism they might see, and taking evidence such as photographs or video so the culprits can be stopped. This is not fair behaviour towards these lovely animals and we must try and stop it for good.

Thank You!



Freddy walks for miles every day to bring food and water to abandoned cats and strays.

Feeding stations are usually located near the beaches & by the coastal paths but many are sited discretely inside Hotel grounds or nearby on common land

You might stay very close to one of these stations so if you feel like giving Freddy a hand, please get in touch with us by email.


If time is short and you are serious about adopting a cat, contact us and we will try and help you.

​We can recommend a vet and put you in touch with other cat lovers on the island who can help.

Some tourists are prepared to take a cat on a flight, could you help with this?

Sometimes people adopt a cat but have to fly home before the cat is ready to join them, therefore we often need volunteers who can take the cat on their flight home so the new owners can collect the cat on landing at the airport.

If you think you might be able to take a cat with you when you leave please let us know. The new owners are always very grateful to people who can help out in this way.