Help in Playa Blanca

Dear cat lover,
maybe you would like to help, but do not know how.
​There are many ways in which you can support Freddy and his work. Are you up to it? Then contact us per email or on Facebook, we always need a new friend on our side!

You Have a Car and a Few Hours to Spare

Freddy needs help to catch some of the cats, because they are sick or because they have to be neutered.
Shopping for cat food at a large supermarket also takes precious time.
There is also the odd  trip to the vet or to the airport, if the cat is on its way to a new home.

If you could give us some of your time and help us, we will be very thankful to you.
Please get in touch per email.

You Live Close to a Feeding Station

​If you would like to look after a feeding station close to your accommodation during your stay, please let us know. This will relieve Freddy’s tough daily commitment.

If you have some old dishes (bowls, for example) you no longer need, please leave them at the feeding stations. They are always needed, as they get regularly stolen or destroyed.​

You are Flying Back Home

​From time to time we need people prepared to take a cat on the flight back with them. Some tourists fall in love with one of Lanzarote’s cats and would like to give him a home. Typically time is too short to complete all vaccinations required. If asked, we keep these cats until they are ready to take off.

There will be no expense for you, as we provide a flight ticket and valid passport for the cat.
New owners waiting for their pets will be grateful to you and wait for you at the destination airport.